Version v1.0.205

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Features & Improvements

  • We have introduced automatic population of the category field for every product you crosslist on the Mercari and Poshmark platforms.

    You may have noticed that Mercari already fills in the category, and some of our customers have brought this to our attention. Allow me to provide an example of how PrimeLister and Mercari populate the category:

    Source Listing on Poshmark: Women > Bags > Crossbody Bags

    Target Platform Mercari Auto Category Select: Women > Women's handbags > Shoulder Bags

    Target Platform Mercari PrimeLister Category Select: Women > Women's handbags > Crossbody Bags

    While other platforms still expect you to manually enter the category, we strive to offer a more streamlined experience.

Bug Fixes & Refinements 🕷 🔨

  • We fixed the Auto Follow Fresh Closets & Auto Follow just joined features.

  • The issue with cross-listing to Shopify has been resolved.

  • The issue with Import, Crosslisting, Delete, Delist on Etsy has been resolved.

  • The shopify theme page stuck problem has been resolved.