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28 Days Ago

Version 1.0.60 - THIS IS BIG!

Features & Improvements

Cross-post like a super seller!

  • Crosspost your items and grow your sales on different marketplaces. Organize your inventory. Re-list and de-list your listings. All-in-one.
  • PrimeLister - Cross-posting software is compatible with Poshmark & Mercari. However, many more marketplaces will be supported soon. If you would like a specific marketplace to be supported let us know at support@primelister.com.


  • Import your listings 漎儭
  • Import your listings into the inventory. Once you are done, your listings will be paired with their published copies on different marketplaces and will be managed easily within this inclusive inventory.
  • Organize your inventory
  • Organize your inventory with tags and groups. Once you are done, you will use tags to search for items by details like price, size, gender, shipping type, etc. As well, you will use the groups to post listings in bulk in an instant or at a scheduled time.
  • Crosspost your listings
  • Cross post your listings with one click. Once you are done, you will not have to copy/paste information manually, the detail fields of the new listing will be auto-filled and the images will be uploaded automatically to the listing.
  • Re-list and delist your listings
  • Re-list and delist your listing with one click. Once you are done, re-listing will refresh your stale listings, and delisting will help to sync your listings on different platforms when your items get sold. You can both re-list and delist your listings in bulk.

Share like a super seller!

  • Share your closet and increase your sales on Poshmark. Follow people and like closets to get more followers. All-in-one.

Features 抽 兩 (We worked a lot!)

  • Auto Share Listings
  • Share your listings to the Poshmark feed and Poshmark party automatically. Once you are done, your listings will be displayed on different places at different times and will be visited by more buyers.
  • Auto Follow/Unfollow
  • Follow other users on Poshmark automatically. Once you are done, you will get more followers, and as your follower audience grows more people will start sharing your closet and purchasing items from your closet.
  • Auto Like - Feed 歹
  • Like items on the Poshmark feed automatically. Once you are done, you will interact with more closet owners that will result in a significant increase in your sales and the number of offers you get for the items in your closet.
  • Continuous Mode
  • Captcha Alarm
  • Closet Organizer (Coming Soon)
  • Offer To Likers (Coming Soon)

Bug Fixes & Refinements

  • Shipping bug on Mercari has been resolved.